9 Kids TV Shows that demonstrate helping behavior

As we enter the holiday season, an important but occasionally overlooked aspect of the holidays is helping others.  Whether you are looking to inspire your child to help family, friends or strangers in need this December, here are 9 Kids TV Episodes that show helping behavior.

1. Pups Save a School Day

Paw Patrol – Season 1, Episode 13, Part 1

Helping behavior shown…  The Paw patrol crew is helping a little boy find a backpack on his first day of school.

Paw Patrol is a great series that is always showing helping behavior, and highlights those in professions that serve the public.  In this episode, a little boy has lost his backpack and is waiting for the bus for his first day of school.  The pups go on quite an adventure checking out every corner of adventure bay in all the places the boy has visited with his backpack.  It’s great to see such passion to help a small boy from the group of pups.

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2. Arcade Escapade

Doc McStuffins – Season 1, Episode 6, Part 1

Helping behavior shown…  Doc and Stuffy both selflessly offer to help another toy they’ve never met who is in pain.

Another great show for teaching kids about helping is Doc McStuffins. Doc is a great role model always caring for toys and helping her friends’ toys. If you picked an episode at random, chances are you would see lots of helping behavior. A favorite episode of mine where multiple characters demonstrate helping behavior is the Arcade Escapade. Doc is at an arcade with her toys and a toy giraffe in the claw game has a hurt leg. Doc has to play for the giraffe in order to get her out and save her, but fails after several tries. Doc’s dragon, Stuffy, volunteers to help by going in and pulling the giraffe out, even though he knows he could get stuck. Great to see both Doc and Stuffy acting selflessly to help a stranger in need.

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3. Friends Help Each Other / Daniel Helps O Tell a Story

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood – Season 1, Episode 13

Helping behavior shown…  Daniel helps his friends clean up so they can go back to playing.

The song used to help teach children the message in this episode is, “Friends help each other — yes, they do — it’s true.”  In the first half of this episode Katerina Kitten and Daniel are having a tea part together.  Katerina is very upset when she knocks over the table and makes a huge mess.  Daniel helps her to clean up so they can return to having fun.  Similarly, in the second half of the episode, O the Owl drops all of his books and Daniel jumps in to help him pick them back up.  These simple helping behaviors are great for a young toddler to mimic with friends or family.

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4.  The Little Red Hen

Super Why – Season 2, Episode 6

Netflix – Season 1, Episode 27 (Little Miss Muffet and Other Stories)

Helping behavior shown…  Friends helping their friend making cookies for baby animals.

Little Red Riding Hood asks her friends to help her pick some apples, but none of her friends want to help.  The Super Readers look in a book to solve her problem.  This episode they explore the book The Little Hen.  The Little Hen needs help making cornbread for her chicks, but none of her friends want to help, just like Little Red Riding Hood’s friends.  They learn that in order to convince friends they should help you, you need to explain why you need help.  In the end, Red explains to her friends she needs help picking apples so she can make cookies for baby animals.  I really like the message in this episode, teaching children they need to explain why they need help is important when they are communicating with friends, parents, and teachers.  As always, Super Why has lots of letter games they play with the viewer to practice letter recognition.

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5. Friends to the Rescue

Sesame Street: Friends to the Rescue Special

Originally Season 32, Episode 3977 – The Hurricane Pt. 2

Helping behavior shown…  Sesame Street characters help Big Bird when his nest has been destroyed.

This episode follows the monsters in the aftermath of a Hurricane on Sesame Street.  Big Birds nest has been decimated by the storm which distresses a now homeless Big Bird.  The gang comes together to assure Big Bird that they will be able to give him a new nest with hard work and some time.  They assist in cleaning up, planning his new home, getting him snacks, and giving him shelter while his nest is rebuilt.  Big Bird uses drawing and focusing on his friendships as coping methods after this disaster.  This episode also features Elmo and Ernie sing a song about sharing.  (For more sharing episodes check out our previous post on sharing).  Other themes in this episode are drawing, the letter G, and friendships.  For more videos and tips about talking to your child about natural disasters, Sesame Street has a section on their website.

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 6.  Carol of the Arrow

Sophia the First – Season 2, Episode 27

Helping behavior shown…  Carol, her band of helpers, and Sofia all help people and animals around the town who need help.

Carol the Arrow (similar to Robinhood, but not committing crimes to help others) looks for ways to help people in the Kingdom. Sofia admires Carol and wants to be a part of her band of helpers. Carol invites Sofia to join the group, but first she must come up with a way to help people in one day. Sofia tries to help others and the animals of the town but is always sabotaged by one of Carol’s band members. In the end, Sofia saves the band member who had been sabotaging her and is able to join the group.  I find Sophia the First to have a lot of subplots that are way too complex for a young toddler and more appropriate for a 4-5 year old.  I also decided not to show this one to my son because I was not sure if the message that a character was sabotaging another character from doing good and helping was a good one to send, even if the character apologized at the end.  

7.  Pluto Lends a Paw

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Helping behavior shown…  Mickey and Pluto help Minnie in her search for her lost cat.

This episode is the Mickey Mouse clubhouse is similar, but a much more kid friendly version of Pluto Lends a Paw (1941) in which Pluto also assists in finding a lost cat.  Minnie is looking for her cat Figaro (in a high pitched sing-song voice, I am not shocked he ran away).  Mickey, Pluto Goofy and Pete assist in helping their friend Minnie look for Figro.  Figaro ran away because Minnie was too busy to play with him.  Pluto saves the day at the end by finding Figaro and stopping him from falling into the river.  Minnie shows Figaro she was too busy to play because she was making him a present, a nice reminder during the holiday season not to be so busy making presents we forget to spend time with the little ones.

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8.  Housebound

Curious George – Season 1, Episode 26, Part 1

Helping behavior shown…  Hundley cares for his friend George when he is in a wheelchair and on crutches.

Curious George broke his leg and is stuck at home in a wheelchair.  The doorman offers the lobby dog Hundley to help care for George.  Hundley helps George get new ice packs, leads him around obstacles, cleans up the messes he makes, and helps him scratch his leg.  He is very caring and helps George with a number of things.  In the end HUndley finds he actually enjoys spending all day helping George and misses him when he returns to the lobby.  This is a great episode for showing about helping friends and family in needs.

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9. Pups Save a Hoot

Paw Patrol – Season 2, Episode 6, Part 2

Helping behavior shown…  The Paw Patrol crew helps rescue a baby owl’s mother who is trapped under a fallen tree.

There are so many Paw Patrol episodes on helping I decided to add in one more!  A baby Owl comes to the Paw Patrol Group in need of help, the tree he lives in has fallen down and trapped his mother under the tree.  The group rescues the mother after many failed attempts and the tree falls away into the sea.  The baby owl is happy his mother is safe but is sad his home has been destroyed.  In the end, the pups help the owls find a new, sturdier home.

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I realize posting this blog in mid-November is a bit late to the game, but for anyone wanting to embrace the last few weeks of Autumn, here are my favorite TV episodes!  I use affiliate links in this post, please see bottom of post for full disclosure.

Five Favorite Fall TV Episodes

1. Pups Fall Festival

Paw Patrol – Season 1, Episode 1, Part 2

This episode is my favorite episode that focuses on Fall with a positive message for children.  In this episode, two members of Paw Patrol, Chase and Marshall, are helping to harvest the fall crops of pumpkins and apples.  When they determine a snow storm is coming and could ruin the apples and pumpkins needed for the Fall Festival, they call in all the Paw Patrol members to help.  The crops are harvested just in time before the snow storm ruins them and the Fall Festival is saved.  The animals have to use teamwork and their imagination to get the work done in time.  They also make a game of harvesting pumpkins, a valuable lesson for little ones who dislike chores and need a strategy to complete them.  This episode is great for all ages, with humor a two year old and a five year old appreciate (a pumpkin falling on a dog’s head is a universal joke, right?)

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2. Fall and Winter

Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That – Season 1, Episode 40, Pt. 2

The kids are trying to decide what their favorite season is.  In pt. 2 of this episode, they are able to explore Fall and Winter in the garden of season.  I really like the autumn part of the episode, they talk about everything in nature that makes fall great.  They discover leaves changing colors and falling, crunchy leaves, plenty of animals, geese migration, ripe corn, and apples.  Just as in the book, the Cat in the Hat is cavalier and carefree, but not quite as reckless as the original book.  The series maintains a cautious fish to keep the cat in line.  Very informative episode for those looking to talk about the important things that happen in the fall.

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3.  The Amazing Maze Race

 Curious George – Season 3, Episode 5, Pt. 1

In this episode the country characters of Curious George are all competing to win the Annual Amazing Maze Race at Renkins Farm.  Each of the characters has a different strategy.  Curious George and his friend the man with the yellow hat plan to use the map to try and find their way out.  While their way is the slowest method at first, he eventually pulls ahead.  When the cow eats the map at the end of his race, George follows the cow who leads them out of the maze, knowing the cow always knows how to make it back to the barn at milking time.  The characters who participate alone in the maze get lonely and wish they were competing with a friend.  A few small positive messages for children, but overall just a fun episode about a competition in the fall.

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4.  The Last Leaf

Wow, Wow! Wubbzy – Season 1, Episode 12, Part 2

Wubbzy and his friends enjoy the end of fall together and playing in the leaves while waiting for the last leaf to fall.  Wubbzy and his friend Widget leave to play in the leaves and when they come back their friend is napping under the tree, but the leaf has fallen off the tree.  They each try to find the leaf and find two very similar leaves.  At the end, their friend wakes up and has already caught the leaf.  This is a silly episode about Autumn leaves and fall, without much of a message for kids.  The Wubbzy characters are silly as always and it’s a cute short episode for kids to transition from fall to winter.

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5.  Halloween

Yo Gabba Gabba – Season 1, Episode 10

This episode’s primary theme is Halloween, but has lots of fall aspects that apply to your child’s life all season long.  The episode starts off with the song “It is Fall,” a song about leaves falling to the ground (check it out here on the Nick Jr. Website) .  The episode has other songs focused on Halloween – “Halloween, “Trick or Treat” and “Too Much Candy.”  Too much candy is great for teaching children about moderation. Even though my sons candy is long gone, my husband would benefit from me playing this song, since he continues to eat leftover candy each day by the handful.  The cool tricks in this episode is Taekwondo.

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