Going to the Doctor’s office can range from exciting to scary for a toddler, below are many episodes to help you find one that best fits your situation and the message you want to show your child before the appointment.  I try to include details about the strategies characters use to help kids in the Doctor’s office so you can pick episodes that use the same strategies you plan to use.
A huge number of children’s TV episodes are dedicated to healthcare so there will be multiple posts in the upcoming month related to this today I focus on going to the Dr. for a check-up or when your child is sick.  The next post will relate to feeling sick and how to take care of yourself at home, as well as dealing with missing activities due to illness.  Another will look at broken bones, scrapes, cuts and falls.  Others will look at hospital visits and other chronic health issues.

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For a child who is not scared of going to the Doctor’s office:


Yo Gabba Gabba – Season 3, Episode 1

In this episode, Toodee gets sick with a fever and cold.  She wants to play instead of rest to feel better.  The Gabba gang convinces her through song she needs to stay in bed to recover.  Toodee puts up a small fight about seeing the Doctor, but doesn’t really show signs of being scared.  The Gabba Gang then sings about how nice and helpful the Doctor is.  The Doctor comes and tells her basic care instructions like drinking liquids, eating healthy and resting.  Other sections of this episode include beat boxing and a game of food vs. not food, which sadly is something I still need to ask my two year old.

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Doctor Monkey

Curious George – Season 1, Episode 12, Part 1

This episode follows The Man with the Yellow hat through his check-up at the Doctors Office.  The Doctor gives him a checkup with standard procedures: recording his weight, checking reflexes, and his listening to his breathing.  George gets to use the stethoscope to listen to the man with the Yellow Hats heart, and when they leave the room he tries on a white coat and goes from room to room pretending to be a doctor treating real patients. As with almost every Curious George episode, no one reprimands George for getting into trouble, and if anything pretending to be a doctor is encouraged.  I see little risk of a child pretending to be a doctor, and my son loves to dress up and pretend he is a doctor too.  Overall this episode is good in teaching your child about what happens at the doctor’s office and that going to the Doctor can be fun!

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Caught Blue Handed

Doc McStuffins – Season 1, Episode 8, Part 1

Doc McStuffins is one of my favorite toddler TV shows.  The show has lots of great messages for kids about health and hygiene.  In addition, the quick, witty humor of the characters almost reminds me of a kid’s version of the Gilmore girls.  Any shows in this series will help introduce your child to the idea of Doctors treating patients.  One great starter episode is “Caught Blue Handed.”  In this episode Doc is treating her toys for a blue rash that is spreading from toy to toy.  Doc explains how the Mystery Pox (Glo Blo Pox) spreads from toy to toy, similar to how germs spread from person to person.

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“Doctor Daisy, M.D.”

Mickey Mouse – Season 1, Episode 25

The Mickey Mouse group turns the ‘Anywhere Area’ into a Doctor’s office for Daisy to pretend to be a doctor.  She examines her patients and tries to help them with their complaints. Daisy looks at her friends Pluto, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and the mystery guest Pete, then helps them with their pretend issues like a stuck thorn, stomach ache, eye pain and chicken pox.  This is a fun way to introduce kids to the doctors and shows them a doctor asking questions and solving problems.  None of the patients show any fear and since none of the patients are really sick the episode is very upbeat.

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For the child who is nervous about going to the doctor’s office for a check-up or sick visit:

Daniel Visits the Doctor

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood – Season 1, Episode 2, Part 2

The goal of this episode is to teach children how to deal with new experiences, like going to the Doctor or school.  The song used throughout the episode teaching children how to work through these new experiences is, “When we do something new, let’s talk about what we’ll do.”  Daniel and his mom talk about (and draw) the different things Daniel will do when he gets a check-up.  When Daniel is at his check-up he talks about what will happen with Dr. Anna to make it easier.  The only part of this episode I disliked was when Daniel shows relief after hearing he will not get a shot.  Most kids are already nervous about shots, but if your child isn’t nervous I wouldn’t want a video to give them that idea.  In the next Daniel Tiger episode on this blog Daniel does get a shot and talks about strategies to deal with it.

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Out of the box

Doc McStuffins – Season 1, Episode 1, Part 1

In this episode of Doc McStuffins, her toy Jack-in-the-Box is scared to see the Doctor when he can’t pop.  To help little Jack feel less scared Doc examines his dad first.  This helps little Jack see there is nothing to be afraid of and he is treated by Doc who helps him to pop again.  Having your child’s guardian examined first at the Doctor’s office or having a stuffed animal examined by the doctor is another strategy you can use to help a child who is nervous at the Doctor’s office.

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Chuck and Friends

The Adventures of Chuck and Friends – Season 1, Episode 5, Part 1

Chuck needs to go to the Mechanic, Doc Bolt.  He looks and represents a Doctor in the episode, even though truck parts metaphors are used throughout the whole episode. He needs to see the Doctor because one of his tires is low on air.  He is very nervous about going to the Mechanic and is afraid the Doctor will find something very wrong with him and want to change all his parts.  He tries to hide from his mother and keep using his tires, which cause all of his tires to get so low he can barely move.  After going to the Doctors he just needed a little air pressure added to each tire, and the doctor imparts that most patients are worried it will be much worse than it actually is.  The lesson Chuck proclaims he learned at the end is not to worry about things until you have to.  I am not sure that telling your child to wait until they hear what the doctor has to say before they get worried is the best message for the average child.  This could be good advice for a child s who is worried they will get bad news from the doctor.  The episode also teaches children not to put off going to the doctor because it can make the situation worse.

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For teaching your child about getting a shot:

Getting A Shot: You Can Do It!

Sid the Science Kid – Season 2, Episode 21

This episode follows Sid through vaccination day at his school.  Sid learns about basic hygiene to help stay healthy and keep germs away.  He learns about getting the flu vaccination.  This is a great choice for an older toddler who wants to learn about why they need vaccines or the flu shot.  Sid learns about different strategies for getting a shot, like getting excited about stickers, telling jokes, and not worrying because they are no big deal.  The kids learn about how the flu vaccinations work, with details and a clip of real children getting a shot or nose spray vaccine.  This episode is filled with the usual Sid songs and new songs and dances like “It Might Hurt A Little Bit, But It’s Gonna Help A Whole Lot” and “The Journey of a Germ.”

This episode was created in partnership with the US Dept of Health and Human Services.  It can be watched in full on their youtube site.

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Daniel Gets a Shot

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Season 2, Episode 9, Part 1

The goal of this Daniel Tiger episode is to help children through something scary by helping them feel brave.  The song used to help children with this is, “Close your eyes and think of something happy.”  At the end of the episode Daniel gets his shot and he is happy that it didn’t really hurt!  I think for an apprehensive child this episode is good at explaining shots and strategies to deal with it.  I personally would show the episode to my son a few weeks before the doctors and not talk about him getting a shot beforehand to make sure he is watching and not getting too nervous when Daniel is.  Explaining that he is getting a shot after he has seen the episode may be easier.
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Check Up Day

Dora the Explorer – Season 7, Episode 9

Dora the Explorer is excited to go get her yearly check-up, and see how big and strong she has grown. Dora is very excited about her appointment and reviews with the viewer her past check-ups as she has grown up. Dora shows the viewers that she gets a sticker after each appointment, which can be an incentive for a child to want to go to their doctor visit. Dora wants to show other animals who are at the Doctor’s office how to brave when she gets her shot. This can be a great strategy for children with younger siblings who they can be brave for to teach them that getting a shot isn’t scary.

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Buster Boomer

Doc McStuffins – Season 1, Episode 12, Part 2

Doc McStuffins is treating a Soccer Ball patient, Boomer, who has lost a lot of air and no longer bouncy. As soon as the patient learns he is going to need a check-up and possibly a shot, he becomes jittery and nervous. He is diagnosed with severe deflateolosis. He is scared of the needles needed to fill him with air. Doc shares with Boomer that she is scared of needles too, but she feels brave enough to get a shot after she gets a hug from her mom. The friends give him a hug and he is brave and gets his shots and feels bouncy again right away.

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Looking for more videos on children at the Doctor’s Office?

Sesame Street

Sesame Street has many doctor and check-up skits peppered throughout their episodes.  Here are the videos they recommend for teaching your child about the doctor, as well as tips from other parents on visiting the doctor.

Available on: SesameStreet.org


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