Why would you start a site about kids television?  Shouldn’t kids go play outside?

Of course kids should go play outside! However, there are plenty hours in the day in which kids are playing and watching television.  This site is meant to allow parents to give their kids a more mindful TV experience and put them in control of the topics and behaviors they present to their children.  By selecting what they would like to teach their child, parents also can avoid turning on the TV and watching “whatever is on” for hours.

My son began throwing embarrassing tantrums every time we had friends over and he had to share his toys.  While we read books and discussed sharing, I wanted other ways to show him how to share and why sharing is so important.  I began googling TV shows about sharing and found very little information that fit what I needed.  So I began tagging episodes from shows I like, and ended up with a very large database of kids TV shows by topic.  Seeing a behavior modeled by a relatable character has really helped him to understand how his behavior impacts those around him.  I decided to start this site to help parents find the TV episodes they are looking for to create a more mindful TV experience with their children.


The topics this site explore/will explore primarily fall under the following categories:

  • Kids Behavior
    • ex. Sharing, playing together, picky eating
  • Everyday Activities
    • ex. Going to the Doctor, visiting relatives, cooking
  • Seasonal/Holidays
    • ex. Fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chinese New Years
  • Science and Nature
    • Arctic animals, dinosaurs, water cycle

Children and Media

The AAP recommends no screen time for children under age two, and no more than two hours per day for children and teens.  This site provides lots of episodes as options for each topic to help you find the right fit for your family.  I am in no way recommending your kids watch every show on my site, and some shows may not be suitable to certain age groups or personalities.  The only way for you to be sure a show sends the message you want to your children is to watch it yourself first.

Looking for research about children and television use?  PBS and Common Sense Media both provide great recommendations to help you determine the appropriate amount of time your child should spend watching TV and what types of shows they should watch.

This site is designed for parents of toddlers/preschool aged children.  This site’s target audience is not children.


Comments Policy

This site is dedicated to TV and visual media.  If you are opposed to showing television to children, simply do not use this site!  Comments about individual shows, positive and negative, are welcome to help the community.  Comments bashing any TV for children will not be approved as this is not the appropriate place for that debate.  If you feel strongly children should not watch TV, I encourage you to start your own website to discuss your views or use message boards and forums on other sites dedicated to this topic.

About the Author

Hello! I am Alyssa, I live outside of Philadelphia with my husband and two sons.  I majored in Psychology at the University at Buffalo and worked and developed research in the Social Psych laboratory.  I work part time as an HR consultant and blog about Kids TV by night.  My family loves singing, dancing, cooking, playing outside, and running in circles really fast until we are dizzy.  In my spare time I enjoy grown-up TV (Parks and Rec is my favorite show) and spending time with friends.